maj 2016

Companies run in Poland

Andrzej Żurawski        16 maja 2016        Komentarze (1)

This year our law firm for the first time has taken part in annual event organized in Wrocław and called „Bieg firmowy” (companies run) – which main idea is to promote healthy live style and charity work. At the start line there were five bold participants (including myself) and each of us had reached the […]

Debt collection in Poland

Andrzej Żurawski        14 maja 2016        2 komentarze

  Debt collection in Poland is a service, about which the clients being foreign companies ask me increasingly. There is nothing worse, than not receiving a payment for goods that have been produced and delivered to the debtor.- former trade partner. Nowadays, wholesale of products to Poland is subject to downside risk. Even the fact […]