czerwiec 2016

labour law in poland

Andrzej Żurawski        26 czerwca 2016        6 komentarzy

The labour law in Poland takes into account the fact that the current geopolitical situation, as well as the fact that Poland continues to strengthen its position as the most attractive outsourcing location in Europe makes the polish market becoming the target of economic emigration. The available data show that the number of foreigners seeking […]

Polish company register

Andrzej Żurawski        14 czerwca 2016        54 komentarze

There are two types of polish company registers constituting sources of the information on the entities engaged in economic activities. The first one – for the individuals conducting the sole proprietorship – called (in short) CEIDG and the second one – providing information about companies, foundations, associations and other entities. Polish company register – CEIDG […]