When I decided to study law in Poland, my view of the law, as the view of the majority of other students, was very idealised. It seemed to me that legal regulations were unambiguous and mutually complementary and that, if you are familiar with them, you will always be able to choose the right solution.

During my studies and my legal apprenticeships, I came to understand how complex the law is, especially in the case of cross-border issues, to which domestic, EU and international regulations often apply at the same time.

After I completed my legal apprenticeship preparing me for a judicial position, I decided to become an advocate (adwokat), in order to help other people apply the law and explain its complexities to them. In particular, it became my goal to assist in the performance of safe international trade transactions and provide aid when one of the parties failed to perform its part of the contract.

As a Polish advocate, I represented many foreign entrepreneurs (including, in particular, those from Italy, but also from Spain, Germany, Romania, South Africa and many other countries) in numerous legal proceedings.

In addition to working at a Polish law firm, I have become active as a trainer. During numerous workshops I explain to the participants how they should secure their financial transactions, what to do when a dispute arises or what international and EU law regulations may be applied in a particular case.

I use my experience in the work of the International Cooperation Committee at the Regional Chamber of Advocates in Wrocław, of which I am a member. I promote the institution of arbitration, as an alternative to the resolution of conflicts between businesses provided by courts of law. I am a permanent arbiter of the Polish Arbitration Court at the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers, Exporters and Cooperation in Poznań.

On this blog I intend to share with readers from other countries my knowledge on legal regulations applicable in Poland as well as practical tips on how they may enforce their rights in Poland.

Have a good time reading my blog!