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Polish lawyer – who is he? What requirements he has to meet? How polish lawer could help you? Below you will find answers to these and other questions.

In Poland, as in other European countries, there are corporations that affiliating people involved in professional legal assistance. There are two corporations, whose members can provide professional legal assistnace: attorneys (in polish: “adwokat”) and solicitor/legal adviser (in polish: radca prawny). According to the regulations, basically there is no major difference between those two corporations, except one- lawyers, unlike solicitors may not be employed under an employment contract.


To become a polish lawyer, you have to meet strict requirements. These requirements apply to both: gained legal education and the moral attitude of the future lawyer. Regarding the requirement of legal education, it should be noted, that to become a lawyer is not enough to take arduous and heavy five years of study, but candidate must also complete a three-year application, which consist: theoretical course organized by the Bar , the practice in court and work in patron’s office. In the end candidate must pass the attorney’s professional exam. From this obligation are exempt eg. Judges (after 4 years of practice) and law professors.

Polish lawyers are obliged to provide legal assistance, cooperation in the protection of civil rights and freedoms and in creating and application of the law. Those general aims, lawyers may be achieve by:

  • providing advice and legal consultations;
  • preparing legal opinions;
  • drafting of legislation;
  • the presence in offices and courts as an attorney or counsel.

Polish lawyers has recently acquired the right to prepare credentials copies of documents for conformity with the  original to the extent specified in separate regulations. The certificate should contain the signature of the lawyer, the date and the designation of its preparation, on-demand – also the time to make operations. If the document contains special features (additions, corrections or damage) lawyer stated in the certificate. Previously, such rights had only notaries. Legal aid is provided to wide circle of receivers (virtually for everyone): individuals , business entities and organizational units .

The Bar,  has a numerous tasks, such as:

1) creation of conditions for carrying out statutory tasks of the Bar;

2) representing the advocacy and protection of its rights;

3) supervision of compliance with regulations on the exercise of the legal profession;

4) development of professional skills and training of advocates;

5) the establishment and promotion of professional ethics and ensuring their observance;

Using a polish lawyer service you can rest assured, that everything you told him, he is obliged to keep secret, what’s not so obvious in case of legal assistance provided by unqualified personnel. In addition, The obligation of professional secrecy can not be limited in time. Lawyer has also „extra” rights- during and in connection with the performance of professional duties enjoys legal protection as judge and prosecutor.

Each polish lawyer subordinate to the compulsory insurance of civil liability for damage caused, when he is performing his activities, what assures client’s interests, even if  even if negligence was committed by a lawyer.

Polish lawyer or law office in which a lawyer practices his profession may be a member of an international network of law firms , whose business is the provision of legal assistance. Advocate after the appointment of a professional offices, is able to perform his activities throughout the country and abroad , where this is permitted by local law or international agreements provide for it .

If you have any inquiries about polish lawyer services don’t hesitate and send me any question you need to ask.

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